Foundation online learning gets a new look

Europe Singh

Europe Singh, Interim Adviser, works on the Digital Estate at the Education and Training Foundation.

Foundation online learning (FOL) is the Education and Training Foundation’s moodle-based learning environment.  Since we relaunched the environment under ETF’s banner in March 2014 the use of the variety of staff development programmes has been steadily growing. The number of staff in the sector using these innovative programmes rose from a base of 300/400 per week in April 2014 to 1500/2000 users per week by September 2015.  These individuals were mainly accessing the popular safeguarding courses and the suite of Equality and Diversity programmes. There were also dedicated users of the leadership programmes. Feedback from users was positive, particularly around the fact that the programmes enable providers to train staff to meet statutory obligations at no additional cost.

In September 2015 we added the maths and English improvement modules providing another reason for practitioners to visit the FOL site.  We are hoping that the 600 colleagues working through these interactive self-improvement modules are now able to share their learning and contribute to the quality of maths and English teaching across the sector.  We do need to find ways of making more staff aware of their availability and ease of use.

We were happy with the steady growth of FOL users, but then the most incredible change happened  – we launched the Prevent courses. Almost overnight usage leapt to 4/5,000 users per week!  Between September 2015 and January 2016 registered users have increased from 20,000 to 80,000. The FOL has become a first port of call for individuals and organisations who want to access quality online staff development.

So we decided that this new enthusiasm required a new look and feel. We hope that all new visitors to FOL are engaged and excited by the new way we have presented the available resources, and that this matches the value of the new learning they will access. We have made the navigation clearer and have tried to enhance the ease of use.

Go to new look FOL, have a look around and send us your feedback.


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