AELP Webinar: Creating a Digital Vision and Strategy

AELP Webinar: Creating a Digital Vision and Strategy

Wed 5th Jul, 2017

10:30am - 11:30am

Transform your vision into a strategy for successful technology implementation

This webinar will provide guidance for a coherent approach to strategic planning for a digital strategy within an organisation that is delivering work-based learning provision.


By attending this webinar, delegates will learn about:

  • the meaning and purpose of a digital strategy
  • the starting point and process required to put together a digital strategy
  • an appropriate format for strategy and the plans that will result from it
  • good practice which impacts on successful achievement of strategic objectives.

The package

  • Access to the live webinar and a copy of the webinar recording.
  • Ability to ask the presenter questions during the Q&A session (or access to a copy of any questions raised during the live webinar if you are not able to attend on the day, or a copy of the questions and answers which were raised that we did not have time to answer on the live webinar).
  • A link to view or download a PDF of the presentation slides.

Facilitated by: Carolyn Lewis, Managing Director, Vocational Innovation Limited

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