Small things that make a big difference in attendance (Part 1)

The Behavioural Insights Team

Small things that make a big difference in attendance (Part 1)

Tue 9th May, 2017


Small changes can make a big difference: learn how FE colleges increased attendance by up to 10 per cent for less than £15 per student – and how you can do the same.

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) is a government-owned social-purpose enterprise dedicated to applying insights from the behavioural sciences to public policy and service improvement. Its achievements include bringing forward £210m in tax revenue to HMRC in 12 months; adding 96,000 people to the organ donor register; and reducing the dropout rate from English and maths courses in two FE colleges over the mid-term break by 36 per cent.

In this two-part webinar series, Susannah and Bibi from BIT’s Skills Team will discuss their work in partnership with DfE and FE colleges on improving attendance and achievement in maths and English classrooms.

The first webinar will introduce BIT’s FE learner engagement trials, answering the question, how do we support FE students in new, effective and affordable ways using behavioural insights? We will focus on proven ways colleges can:

  • Build students’ resilience, overcome negative stereotypes and identify positive reasons for learning;
  • Engage social networks (including parents and peers) in support of students; and
  • Use personalised text message prompts to help students stay engaged and plan for contingencies.

The second webinar will explore the practical dimensions of translating these findings to your college. We will cover which approach might work best within a given context, how to implement the approaches successfully, and what resources are needed.

The cost is £35 for both webinars  or free for SET members.

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