‘Surviving or Thriving’ in apprenticeships

Future Apprenticeships is supporting the sector to deliver high quality and inclusive apprenticeships that will help boost the economy. The equality, diversity and inclusion in apprenticeships online course has already had over 600 registrations from front-line apprenticeship staff. New specialist resources on mental-health are now available as part of this free online course.

It is well known that poor mental health is one of the biggest drains on the UK economy, costing between £70-100 billion per year through lost productivity and healthcare costs. Employers are starting to realise the impact of providing effective support and promoting well-being on their workforce. With the introduction of the apprenticeship levy employers are taking a deeper look at the skills and needs of their workforce. Awareness of their workforce mental-health needs should be a part of this.

This week is mental-health awareness week and the theme ‘Surviving or Thriving’ is particularly appropriate as we think about mental health in apprenticeships. Working conditions and environment can have a huge impact on someone’s mental health, equally someone’s mental health can have a significant impact on how they perform on the job.

As employers look to develop and increase their apprenticeship provision, and look at their current workforce skills – training providers can work with them to promote a healthier workforce. The recent mental health in apprenticeships case studies highlight that training providers are already promoting well-being within their own organisations. It is important that we all begin to see mental health issues not just as a medical matter but one that is part of all businesses’ social responsibility. As training providers and employers work with more apprentices, being self-aware and recognising what supports positive wellbeing needs to become a natural part of that learning and development process.

These three new specialist resources on mental health will be available through the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion online learning course on the Foundation’s Online Learning. They will look at three key areas of tackling mental health including identifying the barriers, talking openly and making appropriate adaptations within the workplace.

Sarah Gifford from the Education and Training Foundation, said:

“These specialist resources are really exciting and include a wide range of case studies with practical examples of how providers can make adaptations to the way front-line apprenticeship staff can support apprentices and their employers. We welcome users to feedback to us on how they find the materials!”

To provide feedback on these specialist resources please feel free to contact Sarah Gifford.

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