Staff Individualised Record (SIR)

Men looking at computer screens

At the Education and Training Foundation, we are responsible for collecting data on the Further Education workforce.

Since 1993 the Staff Individualised Record (SIR) for FE colleges, and more recently the workforce surveys for independent providers and adult community learning services, have been collecting and reporting information about the state of the further education and skills workforce. In 2015/16 we have undertaken a major refresh, so the data is collected more easily, is more accessible to learning providers and researchers, and more inclusive of the whole sector.

The 2015/16 SIR is a radical departure aimed at giving all providers a useful strategic decision making tool, as well as giving policy makers broader-based evidence. We consulted with a wide range of providers to inform the decision on what data to collect and how to present reports. The new SIR system includes:

  • An enhanced data set
  • Fast and easy upload tools
  • Visual and informative data dashboards to present workforce data, using relevant benchmarks.

The new system has been rebranded SIR Data Insights to reflect its main purpose.

Key Facts about SIR Data Insights:

  • The SIR Data Insights service incorporates a range of management dashboards designed to give you fast, online access to relevant and timely benchmarked data about your workforce
  • The new SIR service is available for Independent Training Providers and Adult and Community Learning Services, as well as all colleges
  • SIR Data Insights has a customer support facility to help register and support providers to take advantage of the new service
  • You need only submit data that your organisation would collect as a matter of course
  • Many HR systems have a SIR app or module making data upload easy
  • The full data and technical specification is available to view
  • You can register now on the preview system
  • If you have previously submitted SIR data, you can see how your past data will be presented and benchmarked on the management dashboards
  • The window for upload of this year’s workforce data 2015/16 is from 1 July to 31 August
  • Benchmark reports will be available to you in September, enabling you to compare your performance with your peers and with national benchmark data
  • Your staff and your organisation will remain anonymous
  • Whilst analysis of SIR data at a national level will be available to all, analysis at the detailed level will only be available to participating institutions.

Please contact the Helpdesk on 0345 833 9040 Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm or email if you have any queries.