Workforce data for the further education and training sector

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Understanding trends and patterns within the sector workforce is important for providers, for policy makers and for researchers.

Common themes, such as where the most hard to fill vacancies are, the most common pattern of work, average salary, and percentage of qualified staff, will inform decision making and strategic activity. The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is tasked with leading on workforce data collection across the education and training sector and data reports are available, together revealing the average salary, age and working patterns of thousands of people working in the education and training sector.

Visit the following pages to download reports:

The analysis of the FE college workforce contained in these reports relies on the Staff Individual Record (SIR) submissions, which includes anonymised staff contract data. The data describing the workforce in private, statutory and third sector providers has been generated by surveys distributed through their respective networks and with the help of the relevant membership bodies.

ETF is relaunching the Staff Individual Record system as the SIR Data Insights service.  This will provide a free strategic decision making tool for all types of provider, as well as giving policy makers broader-based evidence.  Submission to the new system begins in July 2016.