Online support for apprenticeship delivery

A number of useful resources have been developed, as part of the Future Apprenticeships programme, to support providers with the delivery of high quality apprenticeships, which can be found here below.

Future Apprenticeships Provider Toolkit (7th edition)

This toolkit is free and relevant having been updated in April 2018. It incorporates new policy updates, provider case studies – sharing transition models, effective practice and additional practical materials and resources.

Free Webinar Recordings on Policy Updates

With input from key policy representatives and providers with effective practice, the webinars address topics such as – delivering standards, preparing for end-point assessment and developing the skills and knowledge required of team members working within the apprenticeship space.

Employer Engagement Toolkit (apprenticeships)

This toolkit is aimed at providers who offer apprenticeships. It seeks to help them to engage better with employers who might use their services.

Employer Engagement (apprenticeships) – CPD Module

This resource has been designed to provide information and support for staff within apprenticeship providers who may be new to apprenticeships, or could benefit from some refresher training.

This resource will guide training providers through the changes to apprenticeships to ensure that they are able to confidently explain what the reforms mean to employers and where to access further information.

CPD videos focusing on employer needs

A series of five short videos which address key topics in the apprenticeship sales cycle and curriculum planning to support front line provider staff working to meet the needs of employers.


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Apprenticeships

A free online resource available to access on Foundation Online Learning. It is designed to support front-line staff to better engage with a diverse range of apprentices (and their employers) throughout the apprenticeship journey. The resource can help build the awareness, capacity & capability of practitioners and provides effective models of accessible and inclusive apprenticeships. Specialist resources to support positive mental health within apprenticeships are also available mental health within apprenticeships.

Equality and Diversity Task and Finish Group report

A small-scale research report identifying effective equality and diversity practice in apprenticeship delivery and support methods for apprentices with a disability or learning difficulties.

Maths and English in Apprenticeships – A guide to support teaching, learning and assessment

An online multimodal guide has been developed to support practitioners, trainers, assessors and managers working with apprentices to improve their delivery of maths and English. It provides the latest policy updates on apprenticeship reforms and addresses key challenges . The guide also provides links to a wide range of resources and CPD training to support effective delivery of maths and English in apprenticeships.

Ten Practitioner-Led Projects

The Outstanding Teaching, Learning and Assessment (OTLA) in Apprenticeships programme is an opportunity for practitioners to understand and share what outstanding looks like within the new world of apprenticeships

For more information about the support and resources available through our apprenticeship offer, please watch Introduction to ETF’s Apprenticeship Support offer webinar.