Teach Too

What is Teach Too?

Teach Too is about encouraging people from industry to spend some time teaching their work. This includes:

  • industry professionals teaching in provider or workplace environments, and/or contributing to curriculum development, whilst continuing to work
  • promoting the practice of teachers and trainers updating their industry experience
  • helping to build the ‘two-way street’ – genuinely collaborative arrangements between employers and providers.

In all these ways, Teach Too contributes to vocational education and training having a clear line of sight to work.

Phase 1 (2014) identified the key messages in people from industry teaching their work.

Phase 2 (2015) tested the principles and extending Teach Too practice. The ten principles are included in the Teach Too phase 1 report.

Phase 3 (2016) built on the principles identified through the earlier work and aimed to embed sustainable Teach Too practice across 12 small scale development projects. More detail about the models of collaborative partnerships developed is available in the Teach Too phase 3 report.

The Teach Too programme is currently in phase 4 which will focus on sharing the effective practice that has been identified, and in parallel, incentivise Teach Too activity across local and regional areas.

Features of phase 4 include:

  • collaborative learning between employers and providers
  • design and development of innovative curriculum or qualification
  • support for occupational experts in the delivery of teaching, learning and assessment
  • local or sectoral system development and system leadership
  • a ‘Two-Way Street’ of shared skills and facilities or joint entrepreneurial activity
  • targeted support for entry into employment for learners
  • access to high quality occupational skills and learning environments, with mechanisms for review and improvement.

Visit the project website for more information including how to get involved in Teach Too phase 4.

Resources and support

All outcomes, including project demonstration models, from the Teach Too programme (2014-16) can be found on the Development and Innovation in TVET exhibition site.