Leadership Training & Support in FE

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Effective and confident leadership in executive and non-executive roles is key to the sector’s ability to adapt to change and also to manage operational and financial matters alongside wider strategic issues. In this section, you can find details of support the Foundation offers for leaders, managers and governors, including personal development.

FE Strategic Leadership programme

The FE Strategic Leadership programme is designed to raise leadership capability and capacity, and is open to Principals and CEOs across further education and training. An initial 100 places will be filled in three cohorts, the first beginning in June 2017. The ETF’s long-term ambition is to create an inclusive programme for the entire sector leadership.

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Also download the Strategic Leadership Programme Brochure.


ELMAG brings together a wider range of development and networking opportunities for senior staff and leaders in further education, covering a wide range of skills development that is crucial to the current climate in the FE and training sector. Support on the ELMAG portal covers:

  • Course finder CPD courses opportunities, consisting of courses, seminars and workshops
  • Resources – a wide range of topical information including research reports and blogs
  • Reflection – generate a personal report identifying your strengths and areas for further development
  • Network–  place where peers can register their skills and look for or offer support to others in the sector

By working with the sector’s workforce, via the Area Review process, we can governance support and further resources to the FE sector.

Governance Development Programme

The Governance Development Programme is in partnership with the AoC. Webinars, regional events and peer support from National Leaders of Governance (NLG) are now available to help governing bodies fulfil their duties as well as to provide new tailored and technical support as colleges go through the AR process. A guide, authored by NLGs, which provides practical support to governors and senior leaders who are considering structural change is now available on the AoC website.

Student Governor Development Programme 

We are working with NUS to provide a blended learning package combining a face to face induction session with a short eLearning programme, aiming to get student governors “board-ready” earlier in their term of office. Find out more on our booking system.

Sir Frank McLoughlin’s presentation at AELP Autumn Conference

Sir Frank McLoughlin spoke to the AELP conference about leadership needs for the whole sector. Download his presentation.