Future Apprenticeships support programme

What is the Future Apprenticeships programme?

Within the context of the apprenticeship reforms and the government’s target to deliver 3 million apprentices by 2020, the Future Apprenticeships Support Programme will help managers, teachers, trainers, leaders and those involved in governance to make the transition from apprenticeship frameworks to delivery of the new standards. It builds on the success of the Apprenticeship Staff Support Programme (ASSP).

The programme consists of four strands:

  • Understanding apprenticeships, requirements, systems, delivery and capacity
  • Transition and Delivery Planning
  • Delivery of Apprenticeship Standards: Sector specific
  • Improving the delivery of apprenticeship standards

Have a look at our programme overview to help you identify what support package is best suited to your needs.

How can you get involved?

Visit the Future Apprenticeships portal which promotes the activities from the programme with dedicated areas for leaders, managers and governors and teachers/trainers. It also contains links to wider information on the apprenticeship reforms, details about CPD opportunities and a range of resources.

Have your say

We are really keen to hear how the programme has supported you, the benefit it has had for you and your staff, and the resulting impact on the learners and employers you work with. Your response will enable us to capture the benefits of the programme for the sector, as well as helping to shape the support that would be most useful to you in future.

Email us at enquiries@etfoundation.co.uk

To book a place on a Future Apprenticeships course, please visit our booking system website.

Support for maths and English in apprenticeships is also available through our Maths and English Pipeline.