Professional Exchange – Regional Projects

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Professional Exchanges are regional hubs for teachers to share their knowledge and skills.

Over the past 18 months, the Foundation has successfully been supporting the creation and development of a national network of 11 local Exchanges, embedded across the sector. Any practitioner in supported regions can become a member at no cost, giving you the opportunity to not only find out what others in the sector are doing, but also to contribute your own experience and expertise. Currently, there are approximately 2,500 members of the Exchanges nationally.

What are the Exchanges?

The Exchanges are owned by regional collaborative partnerships, which have evolved as pilot projects, so the way that they operate varies somewhat. As well as hosting events, workshops and webinars, they also facilitate follow-up activity. A key aim is that the initial CPD experience acts as a stimulus for further professional development. You might want to build on your own CPD, or be able to help someone else. The Exchange will support the facilitation of mentoring, buddying-up members, or cascade training (for example). This relies on the exchange of skills and knowledge between you and fellow professionals locally.

We all have knowledge and skills – sharing them benefits everyone.

How do I get involved?