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Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers – England

The Professional Standards:

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  • set out clear expectations of effective practice in education and training;
  • enable teachers, trainers and other practitioners to identify areas for their own professional development;
  • support initial teacher education; and
  • provide a national reference point that organisations can use to support the development of their staff



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What’s in the professional teaching standards?

The Education and Training Foundation commissioned a range of education providers throughout 2014 – 15 to create a set of ‘how to’ guides for the standards. The full set of documents can be downloaded from the Excellence Gateway.  Based on these guides, the Foundation has now developed a Workbook for Teaching Staff (PDF – 8MB), and an online self assessment tool for individuals which is intended as a self development tool. The workbook can be printed to form a CPD record for individuals or teams, and the self assessment tool allows individuals to generate visualisations and print out their assessed scores to further support and inform their development.

‘The Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers are very clear, cut out all the waffle, and help observations to be more focused on both teaching and learning and learner progress’.

Libby Mooney, Programme Team Leader,Teacher Education Team, The Manchester College

The teaching Professional Standards were written following an extensive review and consultation period across the Education and Training sector. Read the details of this work. 

20 standards 100 ideas

We are looking for 100 great ideas from Society for Education and Training (SET) members to publish about the Professional Standards for teachers – have you got one to share?

SET members have told us that one of their key priority areas for CPD was to be able to successfully embed the 2014 Professional Standards; this is where we need your help.

We’d like short case studies (ideas) that show how you are working with one of the professional standards, and how this is helping your practice. We will then choose a selection to become part of the ‘100 ideas’ that will be posted on the SET website along with wider guidance about the standards.

For more details on how to submit your ideas please visit the SET website.