Study Programme Support

Our study programme offer is organised into two strands of work.  Both strands feature packages of support that enable providers and practitioners to improve their planning and delivery of study programmes.

Improving work experience and maths & English in study programmes

This programme focuses on the development of effective work experience programmes that centre on the value to the learner and how these experiences can provide opportunities to develop maths and English.  The programme allows providers to access packages of support that centre on four three issues:

  • how to build consistent good practice across an organisation/college to ensure all learners access and benefit from meaningful work experience
  • how to explore and develop maths and English skills as part of work experience
  • how to accurately recognise and record learners progress and achievements from their involvement in work experience.

Alongside this, the programme will enable you to begin thinking about how to tackle the larger more intensive work placements as part of the proposed technical routes.

Each package of support contains a scoping meeting, the opportunity for CPD, coaching and support with getting actions to improve underway.

As part of this work, we have developed some useful resources that are linked to the proposed technical routes.  These resources map GCSE maths and English to a range of job roles, making it much easier to organise and plan opportunities to improve these skills as part of work experience.  These are available on Excellence Gateway.

This work is delivered through the Adult Learning Improvement Network. Please contact for more information.

Improving learner progress in study programmes

This programme supports providers to better manage, track and review the progress of learners on all elements of their study programme.  Recent inspection activity shows that themes around progress are some the most challenging issues for providers.  Packages of support are organised around individual provider needs and can include:

  • how to record the progress of learners and demonstrate progress being made
  • how to determine progress in work experience and in the development of wider skills
  • how to use target setting effectively to support improved progress
  • how to create a culture focused on the progress and progression of learners.

Each package of support contains the opportunity to scope activity, options for CPD, access to resources and expert advice and guidance.

This work is delivered through Creative Education. Please contact for more information.