Maths Teacher Recruitment Incentive

 “We need more of these incentives to ensure that the FE sector can provide the standard of maths education required.” – Curriculum Manager, Juniper Training

Maths Teacher Recruitment Scheme a great success

The Maths Graduate Recruitment Incentive Award project was commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation to support the Government’s ambition to improve standards in maths teaching in the Further Education (FE) and Skills sector. The project provided recruitment incentive awards to FE and Skills organisations to enable them to explore innovative ways of recruiting and retaining specialist graduate maths teachers.

The scheme ran from February 2014 to December 2015 enabling 206 organisations to recruit an impressive 280 new maths graduates to the sector.

As a result of the awards, organisations have responded to the issue of diversity through the development of flexible working practices in their offer to new recruits. The majority of organisations acknowledged the award had a positive impact on their maths strategies, with the recruits bringing new approaches, different styles of teaching, change in the age/gender profile and positive influences on colleagues.

“It has raised the profile of the importance of maths teaching in the FE sector and its desirability for the world of work and progression.” – Director of Teaching and Learning, Barnsley College

Read the full report on the Maths teacher recruitment scheme to find out more about the scheme and outcomes achieved so far. We are currently undertaking a more in-depth evaluation, looking at retention and impact  on providers, graduates and learners.