Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The ETF values all the diverse forms of excellence that can be found and supported in the sector. We aim to promote equality, diversity and inclusion through our various roles:

  • As a commissioning body, committed to ensuring any contracts we award are to suppliers that can prove their work is accessible to all and encourage a more inclusive and diverse workforce.
  • As a collaborative player, working with the sector to create a more diverse teaching workforce.
  • As an employer, committed to an open and fair People Strategy that ensures all staff have equal opportunities to develop and excel.

The ETF’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2017-20 sets out our vision to achieving progress on this vital agenda and our aims in supporting  the sector. It is accompanied by a high level set of priorities for this year, giving an overview of how we will deliver our aims.

How the ETF can help

The ETF has set out what we have done and what else we will do to in order to achieve our vision and mission. The strategy can be downloaded below along with this year’s priorities.

Ongoing dialogue

If we are all to become more informed about and more confident in talking about equality and diversity, then it is important to keep an open dialogue about it. Please read and comment on the following blogs on our website, which provide insight about equality and diversity within the education and training sector, as well as wider society today.

Identity and Resilience: Thinking Differently about Equality and Diversity – Lou Mycroft, Northern College 

Diversity and equality in education and training : why they matter and what the ETF can do – David Russell, Education and Training Foundation 

Equality and Diversity Monitoring Questionnaire

The ETF recognises and champions the diversity of all who learn and work within the education and training sector. Our Equality and Monitoring Questionnaire embraces that diversity and strives to be inclusive as possible. We have developed a questionnaire that draws on best practice and hope that anyone who completes the questionnaire will be able to ‘see themselves’ in the questions and will therefore have the opportunity to describe themselves throughout, if they wish. Most of the questions are taken from the Equalities Act (2010) but some are about the relationships between equality and diversity and social mobility.

The ETF has begun to use the questionnaire in order to collect the data on equality and diversity in our leadership and management projects. This will help us to build a fuller picture of who has access to leadership and management development opportunities. It is anticipated that we will roll out the use of the questionnaire across all of the ETF’s programmes of work.

We want to make the questionnaire freely available to anyone who wants to use it in the sector. Download the form (Word – 260KB).

Watch the video below which has been produced to promote the use of the questionnaire.

Coming soon will be an online version of the questionnaire to enable all participants on ETF programmes to complete the questionnaire once but to provide their equality and diversity data anonymously many times.