Q&A with Learning Design Apprentice Asha Sharif, Education and Training Foundation

The Apprenticeship Workforce Development (AWD) offer, from the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), provides trainers and leaders with the teaching skills, subject knowledge and confidence needed to deliver successful apprenticeships for the benefit of learners.  

Our AWD continuous professional development offer is funded by the Department for Education and is produced and delivered in partnership with the Association of Colleges (AoC), Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), Strategic Development Network (SDN) and University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC). Everything we do at ETF is about supporting the further education and skills workforce on their professional journey, so that in partnership with the sector we can provide transformational learning opportunities to learners aged 14 and above. We are delighted to be supporting learners by making apprenticeship opportunities available at the ETF. 

We caught up with one of our apprentices – Asha Sharif.  

Asha is doing a Level 3 ‘Content Creator’ apprenticeship in the Learning Design team and shares her thoughts on why she chose to go down the apprenticeship route and the positive impact it’s had on her. Asha is a passionate writer with a keen eye for detail and brings her love of words and grammar to the team as a content assistant. 

What made you want to follow the content creator route? 

I have always enjoyed writing and telling stories since I was young. I have a dream of becoming a successful author one day. Knowing I am learning and developing from others around me constantly makes me thrive. 

Why was an apprenticeship the right choice for you? 

An apprenticeship was the right choice for me because I realised, I have always been a more practical person. I never enjoyed sitting in one place for a long time like I had to in school and college, but when I had the opportunity to decide what I could do, (either university or another route), I did a substantial amount of research on apprenticeships and I knew with the way I liked to apply my knowledge in theory and practice, it was the right choice.  

What impact has the apprenticeship had on you so far? 

It has had such a positive impact on me as I feel that I fit in very well. My expertise is being utilised and I can always learn so much more. New skills are being broadened every day, and I get to meet professionals in the same and/or different fields whose expertise I can benefit from and vice versa. I have the opportunity to gain experience and use that later on and also network with other individuals.  

What do you hope to have achieved at the end of your apprenticeship? 

I am surrounded by like-minded, passionate people who are happy to make a positive change for their cause which is what I aspire to do. I cannot wait to see how my journey progresses and take on what I learn and share some expertise of my own. Not only am I excited to learn from experienced individuals around me, but I am also hoping to form good relationships with my colleagues and get to know everyone better. 

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