teacher helping SEND students in classroom

CfESEND blog: Supporting high aspirations for learners with SEND

In this blog, City College Norwich discuss having high aspirations for their learners with SEND and reflect on useful toolkits.

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A student and two teachers at a desk

CfESEND blog: The road to inclusion is paved with high aspirations

In this blog, Derby College Group explore high aspirations in legislation, policy and culture and ask learners and parents why high aspirations matter.

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Teacher and learner with special educational needs

CfESEND blog: why high aspirations for staff results to high aspirations for learners

Weston College showcase how staff support learners with SEND to have high aspirations, particularly with making the move to university.

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Industry Insights work shadowing – a T Level Development Lead’s experience

Read about South Essex College and Morgan Sindall Construction’s recent work shadowing experience as part of the ETF’s Industry Insights programme.

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T Levels: A groundbreaking citywide collaboration

Robert Cranmer, Project Manager for the Health T Level at Leeds City College, and Helen Thurston, Development Officer at the Leeds Health and Care Academy, write about Leeds’s collaborative approach to T Level delivery via the T Level Resource Improvement Project (TRIP).

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Polly Harrow ETF Associate

Safeguarding and restorative practice

In the fifth of a series of blogs for the Education and Training Foundation website, ETF Associate Polly harrow considers the role of restorative practice in Further Education.

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Dr Lynne Yaylerson

Learners take the lead – prompted by practitioner action research

Dr Lynne Taylerson, the author of a recent thematic review into the outcomes of the ETF’s Outstanding Teaching Learning and Assessment (OTLA) 6 projects, reflects on the experiences of learners whose tutors have been undertaking action research.

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CfESEND blog: employer experiences and supporting learners with transition into work

City College Norwich share employer experiences of employing learners with SEND and top tips how to supports learners with transition into work.

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a student measuring a picture frame

How CfEM activities has helped colleges contextualise maths for their vocational students

Kendra Kirby and Alex Huskisson of Wigan & Leigh College explain how a contextualised focus to teaching maths can give learners the upper hand.

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teaching maths

Adopting a whole college approach to the organisation and teaching of mathematics

Dr Diane Dalby from the University of Nottingham explains the whole college approach which ensures that improving students’ mathematics skills becomes a shared responsibility.

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City College Plymouth

Building a successful maths network – top tips

City College Plymouth share their top tips on how to build and sustain a successful maths network.

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teacher and learner with SEND

CfESEND: Transition Season

Weston College discuss seamless transition programmes for new and existing programmes. ‘Transition does not have a season, it is a continual process.’

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Image detailing good practice for transition from school to college for learners with SEND

CfESEND blog: Transition to and within further education, a learners and parent’s perspective

Derby College talks to young people and parents about their experiences of transition into College, between College curriculums and what effect these experiences have on their feelings of belonging, thoughts on progression, and current and future aspirations.

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A mentee’s experience of the T Level Leadership Mentoring Programme

In this blog, Stephanie Moriarty, Education and Childcare T Level Lead at University College Birmingham, writes about her experience of being a mentee in the T Level Leadership Mentoring Programme.

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Dr Lynne Yaylerson

Practitioner research impacts resonate all across FE practice

Dr Lynne Taylerson, the author of a recent thematic review into the outcomes of the Outstanding Teaching Learning and Assessment (OTLA) 6 projects, reflects on key practice developments for teachers engaging in action research projects.

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