Maths students

Taking part in the CfEM Teaching for Mastery Trial

Michael Boucher, Lecturer in Maths at East Surrey College, discusses Taking part in the CfEM Teaching for Mastery Trial, and the impact it has had.

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Delegates at conference

The impact of the Whole College Approach

The CfEM Whole College Approach programme aims to support colleges as they explore areas for improvement and develop plans to address weaknesses that are tailored to their unique college context.

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student sitting exam

‘Don’t worry, you’ll be fine!’ – a look at exam anxiety

A blog by student engagement coaches Sarah Stokes and Georgina Norris at Cambridge Regional College on exam anxiety.

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Two men talking

Why do so many FE students struggle with maths?

There are numerous reasons why many young people struggle with maths resits. This article suggests practical solutions to the widespread issues faced by 16-19 maths learners and staff.

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London CfEM Hub MEI FE Maths Challenge Cross-College Final

“The best day in an FE maths teacher’s career…”

There are often times when you are faced with an uphill battle with motivating and engaging our learners, but sometimes, a day can stand out to you as one of the best in your career.

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Cath Gladding, National Research Adviser, ETF

Gentle marathons and concrete building: Making the most of CfEM Action Research Mentors 

Cath Gladding, National Research Adviser at the ETF, looks back at the impact of Centres for Excellence in Maths Action Research Mentors.

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maths teacher with students

Variety is the spice of maths: Engaging mastery approaches, Stamford College CfEM

Examining how learners gain confidence from trying things in different ways when it comes to mastery of maths topics.

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Student doing maths

Centres for Excellence in Maths (CfEM) National Trials update: January 2022

Centres for Excellence in Maths National Trials Director, Geoff Wake, gives an update on the programme at the turn of the new year.

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two learners smiling

A diagnostic and responsive approach to teaching Maths Functional Skills and GCSE Re-sits

Shabana Raman, Director of Mathematics Improvement, East Kent College Group, discusses a responsive approach to teaching Mathematics Functional Skills and GCSE Re-sits.

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two male students on computer and laptop

Developing a Mastery Approach with GCSE Resit at Leyton Sixth Form College

Byron Sheffield from Leyton Sixth Form College writes about involvement in the national mastery trials and improving approaches to GCSE maths resits.

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female teacher and male student with a calculator

National Trials: Teaching for Mastery

The University of Nottingham research team write about controlled trials of approaches to teaching for Mastery, aiming to improve learner understanding of concepts underpinning the GCSE mathematics curriculum.

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Students in a classroom.

Action research: Coaching to build maths students’ confidence

Rosie Sharp, Director of Quality, Faculty and Higher Education at Fareham College writes about coaching to build maths students’ confidence.

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Learners in classroom

The benefits of coaching for Mathematics GCSE-resit students: Cambridge Regional College

Julie Savage and Georgina Norris from Cambridge Regional College discuss the benefits of coaching for mathematics GCSE-resit students.

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Teacher with ESOL students

Maths in Newham – the community is the college

How does Newham College perform so well in Maths? Read about there focused support for ESOL and EAL students.

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learners using computers

Designing tasks for Desmos Classroom

An increasingly well-known example of classroom technology for teaching maths is Desmos Classroom. However, Desmos classroom can be used in a range of contexts. Teachers from CfEM colleges and their partners who took part in the action research professional development in 2020-21 experienced using it from the perspective of a ‘student’, to complete pre-session activities.

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