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Centres for Excellence in Maths (CfEM) National Trials update: January 2022

Centres for Excellence in Maths National Trials Director, Geoff Wake, gives an update on the programme at the turn of the new year.

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A diagnostic and responsive approach to teaching Maths Functional Skills and GCSE Re-sits

Shabana Raman, Director of Mathematics Improvement, East Kent College Group, discusses a responsive approach to teaching Mathematics Functional Skills and GCSE Re-sits.

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Developing a Mastery Approach with GCSE Resit at Leyton Sixth Form College

Byron Sheffield from Leyton Sixth Form College writes about involvement in the national mastery trials and improving approaches to GCSE maths resits.

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National Trials: Teaching for Mastery

The University of Nottingham research team write about controlled trials of approaches to teaching for Mastery, aiming to improve learner understanding of concepts underpinning the GCSE mathematics curriculum.

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Action research: Coaching to build maths students’ confidence

Rosie Sharp, Director of Quality, Faculty and Higher Education at Fareham College writes about coaching to build maths students’ confidence.

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The benefits of coaching for Mathematics GCSE-resit students: Cambridge Regional College

Julie Savage and Georgina Norris from Cambridge Regional College discuss the benefits of coaching for mathematics GCSE-resit students.

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Maths in Newham – the community is the college

How does Newham College perform so well in Maths? Read about there focused support for ESOL and EAL students.

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Designing tasks for Desmos Classroom

An increasingly well-known example of classroom technology for teaching maths is Desmos Classroom. However, Desmos classroom can be used in a range of contexts. Teachers from CfEM colleges and their partners who took part in the action research professional development in 2020-21 experienced using it from the perspective of a ‘student’, to complete pre-session activities.

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Are you part of a CfEM network?

More than 300 colleges and other post-16 sector providers have now joined one of the 21 CfEM networks, including 161 FE colleges, 66 Sixth-Form Colleges and 14 specialist colleges.

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How CfEM activities has helped colleges contextualise maths for their vocational students

Kendra Kirby and Alex Huskisson of Wigan & Leigh College explain how a contextualised focus to teaching maths can give learners the upper hand.

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Adopting a whole college approach to the organisation and teaching of mathematics

Dr Diane Dalby from the University of Nottingham explains the whole college approach which ensures that improving students’ mathematics skills becomes a shared responsibility.

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City College Plymouth

Building a successful maths network – top tips

City College Plymouth share their top tips on how to build and sustain a successful maths network.

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CfEM Blog: Lessons from lockdown – mathematics curriculum planning

Two Centre Leads from the Centres for the Excellence in Maths write about going back into the classroom after lockdown and how the past year has influenced their ideas for maths curriculum planning.

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CfEM Blog: The Teaching for Mastery in FE Research Project – first meeting of the Lead Teachers

The Centres for Excellence in Maths Programme will involve a control trial of approaches to teaching for Mastery in FE colleges across the country from September 2021. Find out about the first Lead Teachers meeting in this blog.

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CfEM Blog: Preparing for GCSE assessment submissions

Blog by Eddie Playfair, Senior Policy Manager at the Association of Colleges, about the challenges teachers face when preparing for GCSE assessment.

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