Jenny Jarvis portrait

More than words; why there’s no substitute for seeing for yourself

The Education and Training Foundation’s interim CEO, Jenny Jarvis, reflects on a visit to South Essex College and the part the Taking Teaching Further programme is playing in addressing recruitment challenges in the FE and Training sector.

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Two male students working on engine

The Many Roads to Teaching with Further Forces

The ETF’s National Head of Technical Education, Cerian Ayres, explains how some of the exceptional Further Forces programme trainees have been putting their skills and experience to use during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

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Leaders in discussion

In technical teaching, Fellows are leaders

Fellowship. It’s a word that says so much. It says recognition by peers, it says achievement, and it says intellectual leadership. But it isn’t just what the word says that makes a fellowship important; it’s what it does.

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Employer and student working on engine

ETF Teach Too – Bringing careers in Health and Social Care to life

Kam Dehal, Vice Principal at East Surrey College, explains the ground-breaking work they have undertaken to tackle problems recruiting to NHS roles and the part participation in the ETF’s Teach Too programme has played.

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Male and female forces staff from Army, Navy and RAF

The not-so-new world of online learning with the Further Forces programme

For many the use of online learning in response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been a new experience, but for trainees on the ETF’s Further Forces programme, it has always come as standard, as National Head of Technical Education Cerian Ayres explains.

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Teacher with students

Britain’s got talent. It just needs to be introduced to FE.

Its name may have changed, but the intent of the Talent to Teach in FE programme has not. Its strength of purpose is reflected in it having recently reached the 300 participants milestone.

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Alison Morris

The importance of Taking Teaching Further

Alison Morris, Executive Director of Programmes at the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), outlines the importance of the Taking Teaching Further programme, a Department for Education-funded initiative managed by the ETF, to boost the FE and Training Sector long-term through encouraging and developing industry collaboration and recruitment.

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Teacher and student in workshop

New FE teachers talk about their early experiences of their new roles

New FE teachers, Scott Stevenson, Jamie Ease, Tom Isted and Shaun McDonagh talk about their move from industry into the FE sector.

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Nicholas Gordon

From Jobseeker’s Allowance to the House of Lords: How the Job-market Fails to Recognise Talent.

Until employers align their expectations and give students of all ages a real shot, the efforts, dedication and hard work of FE workers and learners are somewhat negated, and much is folly.

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