CfESEND blog: feedback and Communities of Practice at City College Norwich

Blog by Elaine Dale, Director of SEND at City College Norwich, for the Centres for Excellence in SEND programme.

City College Norwich has been working with you and sharing its best on working with employers, parents/carers and the community.

The FE sector engagement has been fantastic, with City College Norwich working with over 114 providers. This is really encouraging for our young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). As leaders, managers and practitioners we are working together to help to improve our strategic vision and outcomes for learners with SEND.

There is still time for leaders to get in contact with our CEO, Corrienne Peasgood, to discuss leadership strategies. The peer one-to-ones are confidential and specifically for CEOs and leaders in FE to provide an opportunity to discuss the organisation’s strategy in creating a culture of excellence. 

We have a few more events coming up within the Communities of Practice, so please check out the ETF’s SEND Excellence Gateway

We would like to share some feedback highlighted so far:

Sector feedback leadership

  • “I just wanted to email you to thank you for taking the time to discuss your inclusion strategy. Lots to think about and to take forward. I was very impressed with the inclusive learning space and have already spoken to colleagues about linking up for visits in the future.”

  • “I am setting up a new team in January and we are looking to increase our visibility in the community and forge stronger links with stakeholders, especially parents and employers so the information you have provided has been extremely useful.”

Sector feedback highlights CoP

  • “This is an invaluable resource, thank you. We are really keen to continue working with the Centres for Excellence in SEND and the employers/apprentices/work placement aspect of the project is very appealing to us. I will share the webinar with colleagues to maximise the benefit of the project and let you know how we get on.”

  • “I cannot believe how useful these resources will be for so many parts of our organisation. I can already see an improved SEND part of college website with these additional resources.”

  • “I really enjoyed the webinar and the resources you have are fantastic for use with learners and employers in apprenticeships. We have an Inclusive Apprenticeships Learning Network Group / Professional Learning Network coming up and I think the tool kits would benefit the group.”

  • “I was also at your session at AoC and it was useful to revisit your fantastic approach on Monday.  I’ll now be cascading this across the organisation.”

  • “The resources sent after the webinar were fantastic to see and show how the college is an Outstanding provider in SEND. I will be using this to discuss with my team how we can develop our practice.”

  • “Really insightful thank you. The tools will be really helpful in bridging this gap.”

We look forward to meeting you at our Centre for Excellence in SEND and do check out the resources for previous events on the Excellence Gateway

We’ve just added some wonderful videos that will teach you some British Sign Language to promote inclusion and deaf awareness

For further information or to engage with the Leadership Hub and Communities of Practice, please visit the Centres for Excellence in SEND website or get in touch at:

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