CfESEND blog: our journey as a Centre for Excellence in SEND at City College Norwich

Blog by Elaine Dale, Director of SEND at City College Norwich, for the Centres for Excellence in SEND programme.

What an amazing journey this year has been for the Centres for Excellence in SEND (CfESEND) and its participants.

Norwich has had an amazing year working with many of you across the FE sector through the CfESEND initiative. Whilst Norwich has focused on community, employers and parents, the majority of its work has focused on our employer inclusive induction and sharing our effective practice.

The Further Education (FE) sector has shown much interest in this and have downloaded our digital guides to support both staff and employers to work effectively to support our learners with SEND.

Leadership Hub

We have also seen from the leadership hub a real interest in working with the LEP and employers in shaping new strategic initiatives and growth within the community. It’s important for the FE sector to meet the current and future skills of our employers needs and to value diversity of learners, staff and the communities we are part of. As a Centre for Excellence in SEND, we have been a fantastic advocate for this.

Making good business sense for employers  

We know that once an employer is engaged and working with a learner with SEND, the employer very quickly reaps the benefits on many levels. They see the overall impact to the workplace, culture and reputation which in turn makes good business.

Hurrah for SEND

For me, learners with SEND demonstrate their positive attributes every day at college and in the workplace. I see positive, willing, hard-working, resilient young people that undertake everything with a sense of pride. I say hurrah to difference and for SEND and as we hopefully move forward with further with the Centres for Excellence in SEND programme we continue to impact and shape brighter futures for our learners with SEND.

For further information or to engage with the Leadership Hub and Communities of Practice, please visit the Centres for Excellence in SEND website or get in touch at:

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