CfESEND blog: reflecting on the importance of leadership at City College Norwich

Blog by Elaine Dale, Director of SEND at City College Norwich, for the Centres for Excellence in SEND programme.

Leading the way

I hope you are having a good Autumn term start and learners and staff are settling in well to the new way of working.

I have been reflecting on our current situation and the importance of leadership during this time. At City College Norwich, there is a strong sense of togetherness and we are united as a community even more so currently. I am very fortunate to be part of a college where inclusion and SEND are at the heart of our culture. I am absolutely clear that our values and ethos of inclusion drives our way of working in terms of being visible and maintaining connection (socially distancing of course), ensuring clear communication with extra direction, adjustment and understanding. To have empathy and understanding the impact on health and wellbeing. If there is excellent leadership in every area of the organisation, the approaches of developing knowledge, skills and behaviours together will add value within the workplace. To find out more and to discuss how to develop leadership approaches, with either Corrienne Peasgood (College Principal) or me (Director of SEND), please do not hesitate to get in contact. This offer is part of our ongoing support through the ETF leadership discussion, so please do get in touch:

Top tips for success during this time

Working safely with our learners with SEND

In addition, I wanted to take the opportunity in this spotlight to share our learning support practice and how we have been guiding LSAs (Learning Support Assistants) to keep safe, whilst having a positive impact on SEND support.

We have implemented Covid-19 safe strategies through our Support Staff Performance Criteria guide to support our LSAs. I thought I would share these with you. The full document for knowledge and understanding Covid-19 safe examples (see a sample of the document below – click to expand) is available on the ETF’s SEND Excellence Gateway or you can email to request a copy.

Example of safe working practices guide for learning support workers.

Please continue to keep a watchful eye on the SEND Excellence Gateway for further resources, webinars and updates.

I look forward to seeing in one of our upcoming webinars but for now, take care and see you soon.

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