Supporting middle managers in T Level implementation

By Sami Hedhli, ETF Associate

In the Autumn term of 2019, we started running a number of professional development events to help support middle managers lead their organisations to successful implementation of T Levels.

For these purposes, we categorise middle managers as anyone who is in a role which involves managing teams, or managing areas such as curriculum planning, timetabling, stakeholder engagement (including employers) and quality. All of the materials and events recognise that there will be a range of experience and have been designed to reflect that.

Whether you are an experienced middle manager or relatively new to your role, planning for and implementing the structures required for T Levels is bound to require time to incorporate discussion, consultation, reflection and collaboration.

We’ve received some great feedback so far from the in-house training, where attendees have spoken about the advantages of working with colleagues from across their organisation for the first time on T Levels and realising that there is more still to be done to prepare than previously thought.

It is still possible to organise in-house training tailored to your organisational needs. If you are interested, do get in touch with our delivery partner to arrange a date before the end of March.

E-learning modules
As well as face-to-face training events, there are three e-learning sessions which introduce you to some of the key ideas and frameworks underpinning change management. These can help you to reflect on your experience, your leadership practice, your strengths and how you will use them, and the skills you want to develop further to help prepare for T Levels within your teams and organisation.

Each of the three e-learning sessions takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, and the platform enables you to take and save notes as you progress.

As you work through the sessions, there are opportunities to identify and analyse your initial thoughts and ideas about including the T Level within your organisation’s curriculum and some practical tools to help you to gain an understanding of your own organisation’s culture and ways of working to support your role as an agent of change.

The modules are available at no charge via the Education and Training Foundation’s Foundation Online Learning site.

Additionally, completing the e-learning modules before you attend a face-to-face session will enable you to reflect on what you want to gain from further training and raise topics which may benefit from discussion with peers.

Mentoring scheme
The mentoring scheme provides one-to-one support for middle managers working towards T Level delivery.

Middle managers wishing to access this mentoring support can register their interest. To make the most of the offer we recommend that you attend a national or in-house training event and complete the fourth e-learning module before participating but this is not essential if this does not meet your specific needs.

This support is available until the end of March 2020 and is subject to demand, so we recommend signing up now.

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