CfEM blog: CfEM Live – post-event key points and reflections

This Summer, the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) held four days of online conferences to share and celebrate action research projects from the Centres for Excellence in Maths (CfEM) programme.

The four CfEM Live conferences were hosted by Lou Mycroft and Touchconsulting’s Joss Kang with the ETF’s National Research Adviser, Cath Gladding, and the University of Nottingham’s Marie Joubert and Diane Dalby giving closing summaries.

Below are 22 recordings from across the four days:

  1. Find out about using augmented reality in an app to help GCSE resit students attempt all parts of problem-solving exam questions.
    Presented by Ioannis Markopoulos and Seval Fadil, USP College (part of Harlow College CfEM).
  2. Follow a journey of developing knowledge and practice of mastery approaches to maths teaching.
    Presented by Sarah Lewins and Tracey Parvia, Gateshead College.
  3. Exploring the ‘roots’ of mastery learning and how its tenets can be applied to help GCSE maths resit learners ‘bloom’.
    Presented by Emma Bell and Leigh McLachlan, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education (GIFHE) and Bishop Burton College.
  4. Starting from where learners are in their capacity and capability to learn maths, addressing barriers to learning in a ‘maths hub’ to boost positive mindsets and focusing on what students already knew.
    Presented by Laura McMahon, Laura Skermer and Tracey Dutton, Tameside College.
  5. Implementing a centrally-planned maths curriculum, including collaborative planning.
    Presented by Sarah Morgan and Shabana Raman, East Kent College Group.
  6. Students’ responses to 1-to-1 interventions with class teachers.
    Preseented by Naomi Adams, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College.
  7. Students’ responses to a team-based competitive starter activity. Presented by Georgina Ramsden, Kate Griffiths and Nick Waldron from Nelson and Colne College Group in partnership with Runcorn College.
  8. Problem-solving skills and tasks for GCSE resit students.
    Presented by Prakash Patel, Lee Myring and John Chaterjee-Woolman, Leicester College and Lincoln College.
  9. Problem-solving within classroom activities.
    Presented by Byron Sheffield, Leyton Sixth Form College who worked in partnership with NEWVIC Sixth Form College.
  10. Researching learner engagement.
    Presented by Samuel Winters and Lyndsey Mollison representing Newcastle and Stafford College Group and partners.
  11. Developing and introducing Academic Improvement Mentoring (AIM) for GCSE maths students.
    Presented by Tumay Gunduz, James Clayden and Sam Amin for Christ the King Sixth Form College, Shooters Hill College, St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College.
  12. Developing and introducing Student Engagement Coaches for GCSE maths students.
    Presented by Michael Lancaster, Cambridge Regional College.
  13. Using incisive questioning in a thinking environment to improve GCSE maths students’ motivation and engagement.
    Presented by Weston College and partners, including Kathryn Cockerton.
  14. Century Tech software and its impacts on learner engagement, motivation and results.
    Presented by Chris Lynch, Westminster Kingsway College (part of the Newham College CfEM).
  15. Teachers’ responses to mindfulness training.
    Presented by Chelsea Lovell, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College and Worthing College.
  16. Supporting ESOL learners using mathematical keywords and phrases.
    Presented by Julie Baxter, Elizabeth Hopker and Mohamed Ibrahim, Newham College.
  17. Diverse barriers to GCSE resit maths for learners on level 3 vocational programmes.
    Presented by Leigh McLachlan and Alison Riley, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education (GIFHE) and Bishop Burton College.
  18. Topic-based formative assessment for individualised learning.
    Presented by Sands Dobson and Marianne Maloy, Gateshead College.
  19. Maths Coaches to improve motivation and engagement with maths GCSE. 
    Presented by Lorna McQueen representing Fareham College and partners.
  20. One senior maths teacher’s interventions to introduce maths clinics to address individual learners’ needs for support on particular maths topics.
    Presented by  Viv Kimeng and Beka Zarnadze, Harlow College and partners.
  21. How teachers and students use Geogebra software to support the understanding of geometry.
    Presentd by Daniel Marshall and Paul Firth, Wilberforce and Franklin College.
  22. Exploring how introducing a dedicated maths classroom environment supports learning, including learners’ use of visual aids and equipment to develop mathematical skills.
    Presented by Anna Lister and Sandy Harrison, Lakes College and partners.

All the videos can be found on the ETF’s Excellence Gateway YouTube channel. Further information on the CfEM programme can be found on the programme’s webpages