CfEM Blog: The Teaching for Mastery in FE Research Project – first meeting of the Lead Teachers

From September 2021, the Centres for Excellence in Maths Programme will involve an extensive randomised control trial of approaches to teaching for Mastery in FE colleges across the country. Professional development to support these approaches to teaching will be a primary focus of these trials and this will be provided in the form of collaborative cluster group meetings for some participating teachers. Each cluster group will be led and coordinated by a Lead Teacher, who develops a productive collaborative professional learning environment within the group by building on what teachers already know and their reflections on their own professional practice.

The first Lead Teacher professional development session took place on Wednesday 24 March. Twelve ‘Lead Teachers’ participated in the professional development session organised and run by the research team at the University of Nottingham. Some of the activities aimed to prepare the Lead Teachers for their role in supporting trial teachers, and others focused on the principles and practice of Teaching for Mastery. One of the RMLs and three Lead Teachers from the Maths for Life project made valuable contributions.

The event was well received by with Lead Teachers with comments typically being, ‘I really enjoyed the professional development today, I am looking forward to looking at the project in more depth and trialling the lessons and resources with learners.

In the meantime, recruitment of trial teachers is continuing and all teachers of post-16 GCSE maths classes are encouraged to sign up. More information can be found here.

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