CfEM spotlight: Fareham College - Motivation and Engagement

Rosie Sharp, Director for the Centre of Excellence Maths at Fareham College, gives an insight into some of the work being done by the college as one of the Centres for Excellence in Maths specifically for the Motivating and Engaging Learners theme.

Fareham College offers a wide range of technical and professional courses over 3 campuses on the South coast. Our cohort of maths students this academic year is approximately 600. These qualifications are delivered through the study programme and part time adult courses. 

We offer the opportunity to study GCSE and Functionals skills maths and our strategy is to set the challenging target of one grade progress. We encourage all students with a grade 2 and above to study towards the GCSE and those that hold a grade 1 or below a functional skill. 

At Fareham College we are interested in the ‘whole student’ and invest time in improving motivation and engagement with Success Coaches as well as addressing some very real ‘maths anxiety’ through the deployment of our Maths Coaches. 

The Maths Coaches work with small groups or one to one where there is an emphasis on mastering non-calculator basics, such as multiplying and dividing.  Another focus is also the underpinning skills of the essential core subjects giving them access to more advanced parts of the scheme of learning.

Last academic year over 50% of our students that accessed the coaching achieved grades 4 and above. We were happy see a good improvement in our progress scores for our maths students and particularly the improvement our grade 3 students achievement of 9-4 grades.

We have a number of colleges in close proximity and all are active members of our network. We meet regularly at teach meets and networking events which gives us an excellent opportunity to share good practise, some of our partners have already adopted similar delivery styles for their cohorts.

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