CfEM spotlight: Warwickshire Colleges Group - Motivation and Engagement

Steve Franks, Head of Maths at Warwickshire Colleges Group (WCG), gives an insight into some of the work being done by WCG as one of the Centres for Excellence in Maths specifically for the Motivating and Engaging Learners theme.

Warwickshire Colleges Group (WCG) is 7 colleges spread across 2 counties and has large cohort of maths students, of which c1000 are GCSE and c500 Functional Skills. At WCG all students with a grade 2 or 3 GCSE, or a Functional skills level 1 in maths are enrolled on a GCSE. 

WCG are involved in 2 national trials specifically looking at GCSE: one in “Contextualisation” and another looking at “Motivation and Engagement”.  As part of our Action Research we are staying in the “Motivation and Engagement” theme and working on how we can improve mathematical resilience. In our research, strategies for mathematical resilience start in the classroom and build to create a positive influence. These positive influences are central to student resilience and their levels of perceived engagement. Last year we focussed on how access to low stakes practice in a lesson can promote mathematical resilience. This year we are inviting network partners to join us to evidence our findings. We are excited to see how strategies for mathematical resilience can be developed further and then used to inform teaching practice both at WCG and wider in our West Midlands network.

We meet half termly with our eight network partners, to share the information we find through our Action Research and national trials, and to communicate the different pedagogical approaches we have evidenced work well when teaching basic maths.


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