English for Work - Retail - I can’t see a price

Level: ESOL Entry 3 / SQA ESOL Intermediate 1 in Scotland / A2 – B2 CEFR Framework

This resource has been produced in two different formats:

  • a self-access resource for learners with online activities
  • this teacher’s pack, including teachers’ notes and worksheets to download

Time: Approximately 2 hours.  Timings are flexible and teachers can break down the units into smaller chunks of learning and build in revision as required. 


  • To establish the context for learning.
  • To give learners the chance to listen to an authentic interaction with a customer.
  • To help learners understand the basic rules for using articles and apply these in a retail context.
  • To develop aural discrimination of pairs of numbers such as 14 and 40 in the context of prices.
  • To introduce a range of ways of saying prices.
  • To practise basic numeracy skills in a realistic context.


You will need:

  • computers for each learner/pair of learners, with earphones or audio speakers.

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