ESOL lesson plan - Getting involved in meetings

Many learners of English worry about their mistakes and allow their insecurities to prevent them from participating in meetings fully. This lesson provides reassurance that such insecurities are very common and normal.

It also presents some strategies for increasing their confidence and ability to participate actively in meetings in English. The lesson also warns students that they themselves are responsible for overcoming this barrier to communication. There is also some guidance for learners with the opposite problem: overconfidence and dominance. It is suitable for a wide range of professional contexts, not just businesspeople.

Topic: Getting involved in meetings

Level: B2, L1, Intermediate 2


  • To learn and practise some strategies to increase participation and  co-operation in meetings in English.

  • To raise awareness of common problems and strategies.

  • To introduce and practice useful phrases for interrupting and clarifying.

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