ESOL lesson plan - Owning a pet

This lesson is about owning a pet in the UK and focuses on the laws regarding the responsibilities and welfare of owning a pet. The lesson is based on the Animal Welfare Act (2006) and students will be given the opportunity to develop their reading and listening skills as well as their vocabulary and discussion skills.

Time:   60 minutes +


  • To develop students’ awareness of the Animal Welfare Act (2006) and the laws that people have to follow if they want to own a pet in the UK
  • To expand students’ knowledge of vocabulary in the context of animals and pet care
  • To provide listening and reading practice in the context of pet care
  • To develop students’ ability to discuss pet ownership and the welfare of animals kept as pets 

Preparation before the lesson

Prepare to display (Task 2)

Resource A – copy, cut up and stick on the wall around the room or in corridor. – 

Preparation for the cooler: (Task 3)

Resource B – copy and cut up one set of scenario cards per group of 3-4 – 

Resource C – copy one board game per group of 3-4. 

Print the worksheets 

(Preferably, print Resources B and C in colour and laminate in order for them to be reused.)

Each group will also need a coin and some counters.

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