Exams E3 - ESOL - offender learning - Me and my home

This lesson is about houses and running a home. It provides some language required to understand exam instructions and for the subject of ‘homes’ in all modes. It is likely that some of the learners will be familiar with the format of the exam so the emphasis is on providing opportunities practise their skills ahead of the exams, with a focus on speaking and listening. Should you wish to use the lesson plan for another topic in the exam range, it is possible to substitute the content with the required topic and source relevant materials in a variety of genres.

Topic:  Me and my home

Level:  Entry 3  

Time:   90 – 120 minutes. You may wish to split this lesson over two sessions.


  • to familiarise learners with ESOL Skills for Life E3 exam
  • to develop learners’ vocabulary of homes and related language
  • to further practise speaking and listening skills.


Learners will have begun to:

  • speak and listen using the exam format
  • understand exam conditions and some exam instructions
  • complete typical reading and writing exam tasks
  • developed language related to the topic of ‘homes’.
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