New to ESOL – Every day

This lesson tells the story of a man’s everyday life, but presents it backwards. The learners watch a video of the story and then complete activities which check comprehension and practise vocabulary, sentence structure and prepositions of time. There is also a version of the story for you to print and make into a book, and use as a class reader or for learners to read at home.

Topic   Common verbs / times of day / daily routine

Level:   E1 /National 2/Access 2 /CEFR A1 

Time:    2 hours


  • To develop students’ ability to listen to a story and extract key information
  • To develop students’ understanding and spelling of common everyday verbs, e.g. go to bedworkwant etc.
  • To build confidence in the use of prepositions of time
  • To build accuracy when forming present simple statements
  • To develop learners’ visual literacy.


Lesson notes

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

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