One to One Tutoring - About the house

About the house gives learners the language needed to be able to talk about where they live and address common problems. The main foci of the lessons in this pack are speaking, listening and vocabulary; there are also some opportunities to develop reading and writing skills. There are three units in this pack House and home, Household appliances and Household duties. These nine lessons complement each other, but can be used separately.

Timings are approximate and may take more or less time than shown, depending on your learner.

Bearing in mind that some learners’ oral skills are in advance of their literacy skills, accessing the materials in this pack does not require strong reading and writing ability on the part of the learner. However, there are activities which aim to improve basic literacy.

Where real objects are available (realia) as a stimulus for activities it is good to use them. In the event of realia being unavailable pictures have been provided for all lessons.

Unit 1: House and home

1a: My home

1b: Flat to rent

1c: Finding out about a flat or house

Unit 2: Household appliances

2a: Household appliances

2b: Cooker for sale

2c: Selling a household appliance

Unit 3: Household duties

3a: Housework

3b: Questions for a landlord

3c: Reporting a problem

Level: QCF Entry 1/2, CEFR A1/A2 , SQA Access 2/3

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