Enhance Digital Teaching Platform Management Dashboard


The Enhance Digital Teaching Platform from the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has an expanding range of free EdTech training resources that staff can access anytime, anywhere on any device. Mapped onto the Digital Teaching Professional Framework, staff can use these modules to build their competence from Explorer to Adopter to Leader and gain digital badges to recognise their engagement along the way.

In September 2019 the ETF launched a Management Dashboard that enables employers to capitalise on the Enhance Digital Teaching Plaform’s free EdTech resources across their organisation and support staff development.

The Management Dashboard helps organisations:

  • Track staff progress completing EdTech training modules and gaining digital badges
  • Support staff progress as individuals, as a cohort or across your organisation as a whole
  • Produce timely reports on EdTech staff development customised to reflect your curriculum areas, departments or directorships
  • Gain a dedicated online forum for staff in your organisation to share good practice

Benefits for learning providers include:

  • Strengthen staff development frameworks for upskilling staff in use of EdTech
  • Support innovation in teaching and training to improve learner outcomes
  • Foster communities of practice in use of EdTech across the organisation
  • Harness the benefits of EdTech to support knowledge sharing and spaced learning emphasised in the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework

Read case studies from organisations using the Management Dashboard to learn how they are utilising the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform with their staff. For further information on the Management Dashboard visit the Enhance Digital Training Platform website.