Why should we consider becoming a SET Corporate Partner?

Steph Wallis, Relationship Manager for the Society for Education and Training (SET), explains how becoming a SET Corporate Partner can help leaders ensure their teams are prepared for the challenges facing the Further Education and Training sector.

Leaders of organisations in the post-16 learning and skills sectors have always recognised the need for a highly skilled and professionally qualified workforce. This is a complex sector with many different subject specialisms and the landscape is constantly changing. This is coupled with an environment of innovation bringing both opportunities and challenges, and, at a time when funding has declined there is an ever pressing need to be more cost effective and provide value for money.

The government policy and funding landscape is changing for the post-16 skills and education sector too.

With new technical educational options such as T Levels and a new range of Apprenticeships available from levels 2-8, it is clear that the Government has ambitions for major reforms to the technical education system in England. This requires organisations to consider the implications and their own strategies for curriculum portfolios and resources.

It is clear that these changes bring with them the need for organisations to review their staffing requirements such as selection, recruitment, sustainable talent management and development. Organisations are already working to increase the types of partnership arrangements with employers with the focus on co-design and delivery methods, and, in some cases shared staffing of highly technical skills areas.

Organisations are taking this opportunity to revisit their current workforce development plans too. This is to meet the current and future needs for highly skilled staff alongside ensuring they have up-to-date technical skills, as well as having the capacity to deliver to multiple levels of learner competence, instead of the traditional focus on levels 1-3.

Alongside this focus on technical professional skills, organisations are now also focused on ensuring that all teaching and learning delivery staff are professionally qualified with recognised teaching qualifications too.

The SET Corporate Partnership scheme aims to provide a supportive partnership approach to this opportunity and challenge.

At a practical level, this includes formally upskilling your staff by supporting them to gain Qualified Teaching Learning and Skills (QTLS) and Advanced Teacher Status (ATS).

In addition, this is through providing a wide range of materials, skills, research, data and information to inform and underpin CPD. There is also the provision of a wide range of face to face, blended and online learning bespoke training and development solutions to meet individual organisational needs.

SET Corporate Partnerships can also offer to undertake a needs analysis to support your CPD planning and implementation strategies. The partnership can also help through access to mentoring and networking support services.

The aim is for SET Corporate Partnerships to work with you to holistically create a co-designed and delivered plan to help meet your over-arching CPD needs.

Steph Wallis
Relationship Manager
Society for Education and Training

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