Guest Blog

CfESEND blog: Communities of Practice at City College Norwich

Blog by Elaine Dale, Director of SEND at City College Norwich, for the Centres for Excellence in SEND programme.

CfESEND blog: Communities of Practice at Weston College

Blog by Jacqui Ford, Deputy Principal Curriculum Innovation and SEND at Weston College, for the Centres for Excellence in SEND programme.

CfESEND blog: Communities of Practice at Derby College Group

Blog by Sarah Le-Good, Head of Inclusion and CfESEND Project Lead at Derby College Group, for the Centres for Excellence in SEND programme.

CfEM blog: Action Research

Blog by Eddie Playfair, Senior Policy Manager at the Association of Colleges (AoC), for the Centres for Excellence in Maths (CfEM) programme.

CfEM blog: Centres for Excellence in Maths, the next phase

Blog by Paul Kessell-Holland, the ETF’s Director of Insights, for the Centres for Excellence in Maths (CfEM) programme.

Developing embedded English, maths and digital skills in T Levels: ‘Techno-mathematical literacies’

English Maths Digital 1. Convey technical information to different audiences2. Present information & ideas3. Create texts for different purposes & audiences4. Summarise information / ideas5. Synthesise information6. Take part in / lead discussions 1. Measuring with precision 2. Estimating, calculating & error spotting 3. Working with proportion4. Using rules & formulae 5. Processing data 6. […]

Event focus: Bett 2020 – Creating a better future by transforming education

On 22-25 January 2020, Bett will bring 800 leading companies, 103 new EdTech startups and over 34,000 attendees.

CfEM spotlight: Fareham College – Motivation and Engagement

At Fareham College we are interested in the ‘whole student’ and invest time in improving motivation and engagement with Success Coaches as well as addressing some very real ‘maths anxiety’ through the deployment of our Maths Coaches. 

CfEM spotlight: Warwickshire Colleges Group – Motivation and Engagement

WCG are involved in 2 national trials, as part of the CfEM programme. For the “Motivation and Engagement” theme, we are working on how we can improve mathematical resilience. In our research, strategies for mathematical resilience start in the classroom and build to create a positive influence.

Advanced Practitioner Programme: Collaborative Projects 2019–2020

On Thursday 10 October, nearly 40 managers from Myserscough, Kendal and Barnsley Colleges met in Barnsley to take forward the Education and Training Foundation Advanced Practitioner (AP) project ‘Developing a Culture of Excellence through Collaboration’. The ETF has funded four collaborative projects as part of its Professional Development Programme for APs during 2019–2020. The day […]

How to lead when you’re not in charge

If you work in FE Colleges, especially at middle management levels, or you’re involved with further education in a local authority or through a charity, you want the young people you support to have the best experience they can possibly have, writes Debbie Sorkin, National Director of Systems Leadership.

Turbocharging Essential Digital Skills in the UK

Vikki Liogier, the ETF’s Head of Learning Technology, gives information on Essential Digital Skills and training teachers to deliver basic digital skills qualifications.

Promoting Professionalism across FE

Why should we consider becoming a SET Corporate Partner?

Steph Wallis, Relationship Manager for the Society for Education and Training (SET), explains how becoming a SET Corporate Partner can help leaders ensure their teams are prepared for the challenges facing the Further Education and Training sector. Leaders of organisations in the post-16 learning and skills sectors have always recognised the need for a highly […]

CfEM blog: Adapting a mastery approach for post-16 students

Blog by Steve Pardoe, the ETF’s Regional Maths Lead in the East Midlands and South East regions, for the Centres for Excellence in Maths (CfEM) programme.
East Kent College (EKC) Group is a family of five further education colleges and three business units, which collectively deliver high quality technical and vocational education to some 12,000 students in Broadstairs, Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone and Sheppey, whilst also providing a range of Apprenticeships, higher education, prison and employability training and professional development.