Adult Community Education – The Characteristics of Success

HOLEX, the lead professional body for Adult Community Education and Learning, today published their Monograph entitled:  “Adult Community Education – Supporting place and people: Characteristics of success.”

This sets out how important Adult Community Education (ACE) is to learners and communities alongside the core strengths that providers in this part of the FE and Training sector have. It is a report that it is well worth studying. Crucially, it identifies the qualities and commitment of teachers, trainers and leaders and the vital role they play.

Within the monograph’s lists of recommendations, there is recognition that the skills and attributes of service leaders are a vital element of ACE success. Therefore HOLEX will discuss with the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) how best to take forward development programmes for service leaders.

Over the coming months, the Education and Training Foundation will be discussing with HOLEX what avenues for additional support can be provided.

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