Aspirational new professional body for further education and training unveiled

Society for Education and Training - Professional membership of the Education and Training Foundation

The Education and Training Foundation has launched the Society for Education and Training (SET), with a refreshed membership offer and website for members. The Society is a new membership organisation for practitioners working in further education and training.

SET will build and promote the professionalism of those working in the sector, ensuring that members gain wider recognition for their educational and occupational expertise. By growing its membership base SET aims to increase professional development among practitioners, and the reflection of this through QTLS status.

The strategy for SET is based on a consultation undertaken with practitioners across the education and training system. At the heart of the consultation findings were professional development and recognition. SET will enable and enhance this for members through:

Direct and indirect access to quality development opportunities

  • Access to valuable educational content, with support to apply it in practice
  • Facilitating active face-to-face and online communities to share thoughts and experience on addressing new policy or teaching practice
  • Supporting members’ involvement in their own practitioner research to add to the wider knowledge base for the post-16 sector
  • Building recognition for ongoing professional development through refreshed membership levels, enhancements to QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills) and higher or specialist statuses for experienced practitioners.

The consultation began in November last year and generated almost 3,000 responses to an online survey. The Foundation also conducted focus groups, stakeholder interviews and established a Practitioner Advisory Group to engage fully with potential members to establish what they wanted from a professional body.

Tim Weiss, Director for Strategy, Quality and Research at the Education and Training Foundation said “We are delighted to launch the Society for Education and Training after an overwhelming response to our consultation.

“We want the Society to bring members clear added value to their practice, so that being a member speaks for itself in terms of a commitment to professionalism, to ongoing development, and to the sector.  We want to increase the numbers of teachers regularly engaged in continuing professional development and grow the numbers of holders of QTLS status to over 20,000 in the next three years.

“We have published the full results of our consultation on the website, as well as our plans for the Society in greater detail. New benefits will follow during the coming months, and we will continue to talk to members to find out what they want to see in the future development of the Society.”

Visit the SET website to read the full consultation and for more information on the Society for Education and Training.

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