Booking open for second series of ‘The Inside Scoop’ CfEM events

Booking is now open for events in the second series of ‘The Inside Scoop: Evidence informed practice from maths teachers who have tried it’. The series, which is produced as part of the Education and Training Foundation’s (ETF’s) Centres for Excellence in Maths (CfEM) programme, runs between 27 June and 7 July 2022. It showcases ideas and approaches from the CfEM programme, drawing on current evidence-based research carried out by teachers in FE to help improve student attainment.

The series will consist of five online events:

On Monday 27 June, Double Number Lines and Ratio Tables will encourage the creation of ‘pictures’ that reflect proportional relationships and challenge teachers to question students about the methods they are trying in order to probe their thinking.

On Tuesday 28 June, Algebra Tiles will look at ways to develop algebraic thinking and celebrate visual justifications, building on research that shows students benefit from the opportunity to bring creativity to the problem solving and learning space.

A week later, on Tuesday 5 July, Trauma informed practice in the maths classroom will focus on helping students to overcome fears about communicating difficulties in front of peers and teachers, looking at psychological safety, group cohesion, and the creation of the belonging that goes hand in hand with student engagement.

On Wednesday 6 July, Dyscalculia will aim to give attendees a better understanding of dyscalculia and how to work flexibly to support students with poor number sense who tend to focus on procedures and rely on methods that they feel secure with.

The final session on Thursday 7 July, Using maths-art images to make sense of factors multiples and primes, will consider the negative self-perception many learners re-sitting maths have and look at how the use of images can help students to build a connected understanding of factors, multiples and primes.

All of the sessions take place between 16.15 and 17.00 and are free to attend. Places can be reserved via the Inside Scoop series page on the ETF booking system.

Centres for Excellence in Maths is a five-year national improvement programme aimed at delivering sustained improvements in maths outcomes for 16–19-year-olds, up to Level 2, in post-16 settings. It is funded by the Department for Education and delivered by the Education and Training Foundation. Further details are available on the ETF website.

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