SET for Teaching Success: Craig Pike

Craig Pike of Sheffield College discusses his transition from owner of a construction company to FE teacher and the role the SET for Teaching Success programme played in it.

What did you do before the SET for Teaching Success programme?

Before starting on the SET Programme, I was teaching at Sheffield College for nine months. Before taking the teaching role, I had my own construction company. I had the practical knowledge and skills and wanted to do something to help others get a start in the industry.

What do you think about the SET for Teaching Success programme?

I really enjoy the CPD days; they are useful and it’s nice to meet up with others from different organisations to see how they are working through the programme and we can share successes and problems together. I get a lot out of the CPD days; they help me to feel connected to others on the programme.

How has the SET for Teaching Success programme developed you or changed the way you do things or interact with students?

The practical support offered by the tutors on the course has really been paramount in my development on the programme. They offer constructive feedback from the lesson observations which I can use to improve my lessons and interactions with students. I have seen positive impacts in both my teaching and my students’ learning as a result of the observations and subsequent feedback.

Why did you choose to teach in Further Education and work with the SET for Teaching Success programme?

Having financial support with the costs of the programme was a great incentive for me; knowing that I could undertake the course and not end-up too much out of pocket helped make up my mind about joining the programme.

What do you like about teaching in Further Education?

A friend persuaded me to get into teaching. I enjoy working with young people, but sometimes you don’t see your own talents, so having someone else suggest that I could do a good job teaching in FE really helped me to take the leap!

What have been the benefits so far from the SET for Teaching Success Programme?

Meeting people who share the same passion and ideas for FE as me has been great. The CPD days offer me an opportunity to develop my knowledge and also to share ideas and thoughts with others. Getting different points of view and ideas has helped me develop my teaching. Without the CPD days, I don’t think I would have got the same level of input and idea-sharing.

Do you have any future plans and aspirations?

After I’ve settled into my current teaching role, I would really like to go for Advanced Teacher Status. I think that is the next step I’m planning in my FE career.

For details of how to apply for the SET for Teaching Success programme, please visit the programme page.