SET for Teaching Success: Joe Hammond

After successfully completing a Post Compulsory Certificate in Education and Training at Nottingham Trent University through a SET for Teaching Success programme, Joe is enjoying a rewarding teaching career at Lincoln College. He teaches a study programme and apprenticeships to Level 2 and 3 students.

What did you do before the programme?

Prior to the SET programme, I was a repair man for a local housing authority in Newark. I did that for six years and then became a facilities manager at Lincoln College. In my role at the college I managed a fleet of engineers and through that I got a real grasp of the world of engineering.

I had never really thought of becoming a teacher or saw it as a suitable career choice for me. However, I was inspired to become one by my wife who did a teacher training programme and has since been enjoying an interesting, challenging and rewarding career. Teaching engineering seemed to be the most suitable and sensible choice for me, since I had developed a good understanding of it.

What do you think about the programme?

I think that it is a fantastic opportunity for people who not only want to become a teacher, but also want to excel and gain industry standard experience and skills.

It has inspired me to collaborate with people wanting to teach in different sectors within STEM and also that are similar to mine. People on the programme receive a good level of support that is invaluable in the areas that they seek to teach in.

How has the programme developed you or changed the way you do things?

It has given me an effective level of learning and theories and learning methods for me to consider in my approach to learning. In addition, it has allowed me to get involved in a community of like-minded practitioners that I can network and collaborate with.