SET for Teaching Success: Neelan Hussain

Neelam has had a burning ambition to become a teacher from an early age and has gained significant experience to support this. In September 2017, she decided to pursue her passion by starting a PGCE course at Nelson and Colne College (through the University of Huddersfield) via the Education and Training Foundation SET for Teaching Success programme. To complement her course, she is also currently working as an ICT teacher at the College. Neelam is now on the road to becoming an effective teaching professional after completing her PGCE and strives to widen people’s knowledge within STEM subjects.

What did you do before you joined the SET for Teaching Success programme?

I worked as a part-time Design and Technology teacher for a year (between 2011–2012), teaching ages 14–16 at an independent girls’ secondary school in Nelson, Lancashire.

Why did you choose to work in Further Education and join the SET for Teaching Success programme?

I always had the desire to teach in FE; I was inspired by my Teacher during my own studies. I choose the programme to boost my confidence in teaching in the FE sector and my mentor had recommended the Programme.

What do you like about teaching in FE and what have been the benefits of the programme?

I think that it is a great opportunity for me and for other people wanting to make their mark as a teacher within Science, Engineering and Technology – as programmes like this make the process so much easier.
SET has enabled me to learn and develop a wealth of skills that are invaluable to becoming a successful teacher in subject areas that often don’t attract as many people as others.

How has the programme developed you, or changed the way you do things or interact with students?

The Programme has helped with my personal development in so many ways and enabled me to grow and learn a variety of skills that I know will help propel me to my ultimate teaching goals. For example, being part of the Programme has enabled me to build on my presentation and reflection techniques – all needed to evidence my teaching. I am also able to support and guide students who want advice on what courses to do at university.

I now also have more direct experience of interacting with the pupils and get involved in extra-curricular activities embedded in teaching.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

I would like to continue to teach in FE and to become a STEM Ambassador.


For details of how to apply for the SET for Teaching Success programme, please visit the programme page.