Taking Teaching Further: Dominic Atherton

Dominic Atherton is a Lecturer in Arboriculture at Myerscough College.

What was your main motivation to leave industry to become a teacher?

Teaching has always been a passion of mine. Although I have not worked as a teacher in a teaching environment, I have always brought an element of teaching into my managerial roles as I both enjoyed it and felt it was important to share my knowledge,e as well as keeping staff up to date with all H&S and other training.

How has a reduced timetable supported you to settle into Myerscough?

The reduced timetable has been great. It has allowed me sufficient time to work on my lesson planning as well as giving me the opportunity to observe other teachers’ lessons and see different styles.

How important has your industry experience been in settling into your role?

My industry experience has been very helpful as it’s given me knowledge that I am now able to pass on to the learners. Although this experience is hugely helpful, translating it into a session for learners is something that I need to work on.

How supported do you feel by being on the TTF programme?

The support I have been given through the TTF programme so far has been great. The way the programme is being delivered is very interesting and giving me guidance on how I should be doing things. It has also been nice to meet other people who are in the same position as me and build up a network within the teaching community. The thing that has helped me settle in the most is the wonderful staff, who have given me guidance and ideas, and spent time explaining things to me. I would also say that PET course is extremely helpful in guiding me along the right path.

How useful has work shadowing/observing other colleagues been in helping you settle into your role at college?

Observing other colleagues has been incredibly helpful. Seeing how others are working and what techniques they are using is great. Everyone has also been really good in explaining why they do things in that way and offering advice on how I can achieve a similar outcome for lessons.

How helpful is your PGCE/Cert Ed/PET in helping you in your role?

The way it has been delivered is great. It has been great to meet others who are on the same path as me and the information has been amazing.