Taking Teaching Further: Jenny Lea

Jenny Lea is a Practical Lecturer in Animal Studies at Myerscough College.

What was your main motivation to leave industry to become a teacher?

One of the aspects I enjoyed the most at my old job was being able to educate people. My parents were both teachers and so it’s always been a career I have wanted to get into.

How has a reduced timetable supported you to settle into Myerscough?

It has been amazing! It has allowed me to complete PGCE work as well as giving me time to plan lessons without being rushed. It has made the first few months of teaching so much easier to adapt to.

How important has your industry experience been in settling into your role?

I feel that my industry experience has been vital to my role. It has enabled me to plan lessons for the students that I feel are interesting, as well has having the confidence to teach the subject.

How supported do you feel by being on the TTF programme?

I always feel very supported. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first few months of teaching and believe that this is because of the time I have been given to plan and complete work and the support I have access to.

How useful has work shadowing/observing other colleagues been in helping you settle into your role at college?

I have found being able to shadow other staff has been a brilliant resource. It has enabled me to see how other teachers interact and engage with the students and has been a valuable learning experience.

How helpful is your PGCE/Cert Ed/PET in helping you in your role?

I have found the PGCE really useful in my role. Not only the teaching and learning, but also that I can interact with other students on the course and have learnt from them also.