Taking Teaching Further: Rebecca Schofield

Rebecca Schofield is a Lecturer in Animal Studies at Myerscough College.

What was your main motivation to leave industry to become a teacher?

I was made redundant as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and my background is in veterinary nursing and charity medicine. My role entailed largely community work, involving public speaking, education and events. I feel strongly that education is a key influence in the promotion of good animal welfare practice and wanted a chance to encourage and inspire students to maintain high standards on animal health and welfare in their future careers.

How has a reduced timetable supported you to settle into Myerscough?

I have been able to catch up with administration as well as taking extra time to plan engaging and thought provoking lessons which will hopefully provide good levels of education to students. Lesson planning has sometimes been challenging, so I have appreciated the extra time to be able to review sessions to deliver them well.

How important has your industry experience been in settling into your role?

I think my industry experience has helped massively in my new role. I am able to pass on my veterinary nursing knowledge to a younger generation and inspire them to pursue their own career path. My experience as a Community and Education VN has also been invaluable. It gave me an understanding of classroom behaviour (albeit not online), engagement ideas and the right level to pitch it to.

How supported do you feel by being on the TTF programme?

I feel supported by the TTF programme. I am grateful for funding, as in particular the redundancy process has been financially difficult. All members of staff, such as Gail and Susanna, have been friendly, approachable and answered any questions I’ve had regarding education and the teaching process. I am lucky to be able to work in a supportive team, as although I have started this job mid-pandemic and with online teaching, I know I can always email or pick up the phone to have any questions or queries answered promptly.

How useful has work shadowing/observing other colleagues been in helping you settle into your role at college?

I was able to shadow one face-to-face lesson and one online lesson before my own timetable began. It was useful to get a feel for other teaching methods, but also to enable me to differentiate between student learning styles and how activities could be adapted based on this to still achieve learning outcomes.

How helpful is your PGCE/Cert Ed/PET in helping you in your role?

I feel I now have more of an understanding of how lessons are planned, activities are delivered and learning outcomes assessed and evaluated. The training has given me more confidence to be able to deliver these on my own, which was an area I needed to develop.

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