TLPD Industry Insight placement: Jenna Allen

Jenna Allen is the Curriculum Manager for Construction at New College Durham. She undertook an Industry Insight placement with Building Surveyors Ltd as part of the preparations for future delivery of the Construction T Level. The placements are part of the T Level Professional Development support offer to provide opportunities for professional updating for teachers that is industry relevant and that facilitates knowledge transfer and professional exchange.

What were your key objectives for going on a staff placement in industry?

The key objectives for going on an industry placement were to find out more about the role and duties of a building surveyor, to develop some project activities to include in T Level delivery and develop relationships with industry professionals.

Tell us about your experience and the highlights from the placement

I spent three days shadowing a building surveyor, assisting with a measured survey, a condition survey and two dispersed accommodation surveys. I then spent time in the office writing up the survey reports for clients and furthered my understanding of document control and legal requirements in construction.

I also got some experience of Photogrammetry, which is the science of taking measurements from photographs. This was fascinating to learn as it is a measuring technique that I was not previously familiar with.

What did you value the most about engaging with Anglian Water?

I gained a detailed insight into the role of a building surveyor. I have made new contacts for student engagement and support with T Level development. It was fantastic to network with a team of industry professionals and learn their views on this new qualification and the skills and behaviours they would be looking for in potential industry placement students.

What has been the impact on you, your colleagues and organisation?

It has enabled me to extend my network with employers to include surveyors which is a part of industry I did not previously have many connections with.

How will this positively impact on future T Level learners?

The company are keen to build a relationship with New College Durham and deliver guest lectures during the delivery of the Construction (Design, Surveying and Planning) T Level. I learned the process of conducting a condition surveying and was given templates so that I can develop this into a project activity for T Level learners.