ETF celebrates 5 years today!

The ETF is today celebrating its 5th Birthday – we were registered as a company 5 years ago today! 

Since we were formed five years ago, our role has been to support the FE workforce in being an even better leader, teacher, trainer or assessor. In whatever part of the sector you work in, the importance of learning and professional development during these times of change, challenge and opportunity is more important than ever. Without a high-quality workforce who are constantly developing and building their expertise, we will not take full advantage of the opportunities this renewed focus on our sector brings.

Our mission is to support the continuing transformation of the country’s technical and vocational education system by ensuring the sector has world-class teachers, trainers, assessors and leaders. This leads to ever-improving learner outcomes, a better skilled workforce and a stronger economy, country and society.

If you want to find out more about what we offer and our key achievements so far, you can browse our website or download a copy of our corporate brochure.

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