ETF launches new toolkits for leaders

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has launched a new set of toolkits for leaders in the Further Education (FE) and Skills sector. The toolkits cover four key areas: sustainability; professional standards; equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI); and curriculum planning for the adult community education sector.

Each toolkit is made up of short, accessible sections that can be used individually or as part of the whole toolkit, according to individuals’ CPD needs. The sections include voices from across FE and Skills in the form of video case studies, top tips, and further resources to support ongoing learning and development.

Leading for Sustainability toolkit

The Leading for Sustainability toolkit is designed to support leaders to contribute to sustainability education for learners. Featuring an introduction from Charlotte Bonner – CEO of EAUC, the sustainability champion for post-16 education in the UK and Republic of Ireland – this toolkit includes video case studies, top tips, ‘quick learns’ and further resources discussing how sustainability practice has developed in the sector over the last few years, what the sector is doing well, and where it can have the most influence.

Leading Professional Standards toolkit

The Leading Professional Standards toolkit is designed to help develop leadership across all levels of an organisation. Building on ETF’s Professional Standards for Leaders, the toolkit focuses on ten key leadership themes that explore what connects leaders and what enables them to lead effectively. Included in this toolkit are video case studies, a guide to available professional development opportunities, and further resources to support professional development for leaders in line with the Professional Standards.

Deeper Thinking, Stronger Action toolkit

The Deeper Thinking, Stronger Action toolkit supports leaders in making commitments to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at a personal and organisational level. Central to this toolkit is the Deeper Thinking, Stronger Action guide, which takes the user through three key areas: knowledge and understanding; deeper thinking (and how to do this); and stronger action. The guide is accompanied by video case studies and further resources to support the development of an EDI action plan.

Leading on Curriculum Planning for the Adult Community Education Sector toolkit

The Leading on Curriculum Planning toolkit supports leaders and managers in the adult community education sector to support the new flexibilities offered through the creation of the Tailored Learning funding stream. With an introduction from Sue Pember, Policy Director for HOLEX, this toolkit features video case studies, top tips, and resources explaining how to create courses from scratch, and guidance on how to design and deliver tailored courses for ESOL, digital ESOL, and employability.

The four new toolkits, which have been developed with funding from the Department for Education, can be accessed free of charge on the ETF website.

Dr Vikki Smith, ETF’s Executive Director of Education and Standards, said:

“FE and Skills sector leaders play a vital role in addressing concerns around sustainability, championing equity, diversity and inclusion, and upholding professional standards. Strong and effective leadership drives our sector forwards and equips the workforce to deal with the challenges facing our society and communities.

“This set of toolkits builds on ETF’s previous work and underlines our commitment to working collaboratively with sector experts across these four crucial areas. These practical and comprehensive guides will help leaders understand the challenges they face, providing the advice and inspiration they need to advance their own professional development and continue to support the sector’s transformative activities.”

The leadership toolkits are part of a wider package of ETF support for leaders in FE and Skills. For further details, visit the Leadership programmes page of the ETF website.