Future Apprenticeships Support Programme launched today

The Future Apprenticeships Support Programme announced today will help managers, teachers, trainers, leaders and those involved in governance to deliver the new apprenticeships system. In the first instance an intense programme of events will occur before March.

The programme is commissioned and funded by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) and delivery is led by the Association of Employment Learning Providers (AELP).  Working with other key partners, it builds on their joint success in delivering the former Apprenticeships Staff Support Programme (ASSP).   ASSP reached an impressive 60 percent of apprenticeship providers.

Jenny Williams, ETF Director of VET said:  “We are committed to supporting the professional development of teachers and trainers involved in apprenticeships.  Getting to grips with the new trailblazer standards, a new assessment regime, and new funding arrangements will involve new ways of working with employers and new ways of supporting apprentices’ learning.  Our programme is designed to build on the success of ASSP, and includes a significant offer for leaders and those involved in governance to help them plan to deliver growth over the next 5 years.”

 The programme covers three strands:

  1. Delivering the new apprenticeship standards – through support for curriculum development and teaching, learning and assessment strategies
  2. Supporting employer engagement – two-way street relationships between employers and providers
  3. Supporting leaders and those involved in governance to grow apprenticeships

More information on the Future Apprenticeships webpage including forthcoming resources, events and webinars now booking.

Media enquiries

Please contact Stephen Cox, Head of Strategic Communications, 020 3740 8280 stephen.cox@etfoundation.co.uk


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