Future FE Pedagogies – Food for thought

Future FE Pedagogies, a new publication from the Education and Training Consortium featuring a conclusion by Education and Training Foundation (ETF) National Head of EdTech and Digital Skills, Vikki Liogier, is now available.

The publication features a preface by Association of Colleges Chief Executive David Hughes and papers contributed by Bob Harrison, Matt O’Leary, Martin Compton, Matt Gordon and Jan Calvert, Eddie Playfair, Ian Duckett, Howard Scott, Nigel Ecclesfield and Fred Garnett, Dave Cheseldine, Jamie Heywood, and David Powell.

They come from a variety of perspectives and personal experiences, addressing topics including the changed context of the debate as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, how ‘unseen observation’ can be used to improve teaching and learning in a virtual environment, the pedagogical, sociological and philosophical implications of technologies in teaching and learning, and how and when to use different channels of communication in online teaching and learning. They also look at the role and capabilities of the sector’s workforce, with an open letter to the Secretary of State for Education focusing on preparing teachers and trainers to ‘teach well’ in a digital world.

Vikki Liogier said:

“As well as providing a vast array of professional development support opportunities and guidance for the sector, the ETF also has a role stimulating debate and encouraging innovation. I hope the Future FE Pedagogies publication will do that.

“As the editors acknowledge, it is not intended to be a guide to improving your e-learning skills. Instead, it is full of interesting reflections from luminaries across the sector.

“With its publication coming at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of educational technologies in teaching, it will contribute to the very important discussion about the further evolution of FE pedagogy and the contribution that technology can make.”

The publication was edited by Vicky Duckworth, Bob Harrison, Joel Petrie and Anshi Singh.

You can access Future FE Pedagogies here.

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